ERA sells kits, not complete cars.  There are several experienced builders around the country who can get you to a complete car.  Inquire.

Our "base" turn-key-minus is listed below, options at the bottom. Many other variations are possible.

All our turn-key cars are carefully assembled and road tested about 100 miles.  While we certainly don't recommend it, we've had customers drive from Connecticut to the west coast straight out of the factory!

Picking up the car

This car being loaded into a Intercity Lines transporter for delivery to Texas.  Many others can be seen here!

STANDARD 427SC:  Approximately $55,000 base price  -see below for options
  • Paint: Single nonmetallic with no stripe, done in urethane hardened acrylic lacquer with clear finish coat. Sanded and buffed to Near Show Quality. Stripes like the competition cars are $1000 additional.  Three-part triple-baked paint by Connecticut Custom Car for about $2500 additional.
  • All the proper emblems, etc. are included
  • Wheels and tires: Bolt-on (typically 7"x15 front, 8.5" or 10"x15 rear) Other bolt-on wheels and 5 and 6 pin drive wheels available.  See the options.  Currently we use Dunlop or Yokohama radial tires, 235-60 and 295-50-15".
  • Suspension and brakes: <Standard Brakes>  Also included are custom front and rear anti-roll bars. Spax double adjustable dampers, two in the front, and four in the rear. The Jaguar-based rear suspension is in a rubber mounted subframe to isolate the chassis from differential noise and vibration.
  • Exhaust system: Side pipes, exiting in front of rear wheels, painted in black.
  • Interior: Quality vinyl upholstery, nylon pile rugs including trunk. Leather upholstery and wool carpeting are available.
  • Transmission: Ford 4 speed toploader, wide ratio
  • Shifter: Hurst, with reversed lever, as original
  • Differential:(rebuilt limited slip)
    Ratios of 3.31:1 or 3.54:1 at no extra cost, others may add available expense


  • 5 pin wheels with Vintage Wheels "Halibrand" aluminum wheels: + $1900
    (The reason there is a $200 difference in the cost of the "wheels" and of the options is that our 6 pin conversion also includes rotors, which don't come with the 5 pin wheels.
  • Pin Drive wheels  (6 pins) with Trigo "Halibrand" reproduction castings - (17" Wheels also available): + $2800
  • Leather seats, emergency brake boot, etc.: + $600
  • Top, in vinyl: + $2000
  • Side curtains + $700, plus fitting
  • Smiths instruments replacing Stewart Warner, + $500 to $1500
  • Tremec TKO 5 speed, + $650
  • Richmond Gear 5 speed or Automatic transmission + $1000
  • ERA custom rear suspension with outboard brakes (with adjustable anti-sway bar) + $900
  • Front brakes: 12.2" Front rotors with forged 4-piston Wilwood calipers - $1400
  • Supplemental cooling fan(s), for extreme engines and/or weather conditions + $250-$350
  • Special reproduction fluted interior knobs + $50
  • Under car, dual pipes to the rear - Inquire
  • Exhaust heat shielding and extra venting + $150
  • Oil cooler(4" high) + $400, with remote oil filter + $600, 6" high cooler with special shroud $75 additional
  • Roll Bar, powder coated black, + $375
    Chrome + $500
  • Chrome side pipes + $1000, Stainless + $1200
  • Headlight stone guards +$30
  • Special body colors and stripe patterns - prices quoted
  • Many other items available at special request.



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