Voltmeter Wiring Changes (to replace the ammeter)

Chassis 335-635

  • Cut back and tape off the heavy white wire at the passenger's side of fuse 1.
  • On the circuit breaker, remove the harness brown wire (not the jumper from the solenoid).  Tape it off or cut it back into the harness.
  • Run a new wire (10 gauge minimum) from the circuit breaker (or on very early cars without a circuit breaker, the battery side of the starter solenoid) to the terminal where the white wire was connected.
  • Run an additional heavy wire (6-8 gauge) wire from the alternator "Bat" terminal to the hot (battery) side of the starter solenoid or directly to the battery.
  • Run an additional wire (20 gauge minimum) from the fuel gage terminal with the green wire to the + (signal) terminal of the new voltmeter.
  • Tape off (seperately) the old ammeter wire connections.
For more information, e-mail me for a wiring diagram.  eracars <at> sbcglobal.net