(Instructions taken from the manual)
bond body
Remove the spacer blocks between the body and chassis, lining up the original screw holes used for shipping. Refasten the rocker panels, firewall, and rear crossmember. 

Smooth out any excess sealant, at the same time sealing gaps where water and dirt could accumulate. Wipe off excess bonding material from all joints, and clean up with lacquer thinner or acetone, taking extra care near painted surfaces. 

Use 1/8" and 3/16"aluminum or stainless steel blind rivets to complete the body attachment. Drill 9/64" (3/16") holes 3" to 4" apart through the following panels and the chassis, and rivet body to the chassis: 

· Front inner wheelhouse panels (3/16"rivets) and the triangulated sections at the rear of these panels. 

· Drill holes (but don't rivet yet) in the rocker panel attachment flanges. 

· The firewall where it mounts onto the steel crossmember. 

· The overlapping joint between the upper and lower trunk panels. 

· The lower trunk panel where it rests on top of the rear crossmember and along the slopped frame rails on each side, 3/16" holes only. See above. 


Re-attach the rockers at the front, middle and rear tabs, using the original shims, etc. For street use, seal the bottom of the rocker with upholstery foam or spray urethane insulation. 

Rocker seal

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