The Mk II body differed considerably from the Mk 1 to fit larger tires in the front and rear.  More aggressive engine carburetor and oil cooler scoops were also added to cool  that extra 100 bhp. left

3/4 Rear view The rear deck scoops fed air directly to the rear brakes.

Pretense of a rear body fell by the wayside.  Most Mk II's just left the rear grill off for better ventilation.

The rear spoiler was simply a flat piece of aluminum bolted to the fiberglass body.- easily adjustable with slots for the best aerodynamic balance at each track.

We are currently developing production tooling for the MK II body and will be producing ERA-quality parts shortly. We have purchased the casting tooling for the four speed gearbox and have produced about 10 sets of castings.  The castings are currently being machined and we expect finished gearboxes in the middle of 2001.

Sticking the 427 engine in a MK I chassis was a considerable feat.  Quite a bit of interior room was lost, and there is no longer room for air conditioning or LHD.  The engine also requires a dry sump oiling system.  The bottom line is an E.R.A. MK II's balance between race and street car is biased heavily toward the former.  If you want the look, use a small block with the MK II body work.

More Body Details