Mk II Body Details

The MK II was an evolutionary - not revolutionary change from the MK I.  The change from the small block to the FE did not require major chassis changes - the MK I was overbuilt already.

Lots of body changes were made - mostly to increase the rear body airflow.  The 427 generated a lot more heat than the 289!

3/4 front view

The MK I's  louvers in the back body were replaced by a simple screen covering a much larger body opening that allowed air to exit.

Rear view

On the top deck, the two snorkles fed air to the brake ducts and the central scoop cooled the transaxle and exhaust.

Behind the driver's door window, the upper scoop fed air to the engine, the lower scoop to the oil cooler.

Rear deck

Front fender

The front fenders of the MK II were raised slightly for larger-diameter tires.

The hood exhaust hole was made larger, with a central brace.  Many MK I race cars were retrofitted with the hood, replacing the two smaller NACA-type exits. Radiator opening

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