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ERA makes replicas of the original 289 Slabside, 289 FIA race car, 427 Cobra and the Ford GT40SlabsideERA 289FIASORRY, BUT WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING ORDERS FOR THE ERA GT!ERA 427 Roadster

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Sorry, but we are no longer taking new orders for the ERA GT.

Specifications, parts lists, options, prices, turn-key cars with prices are linked from each main page, plus a lot more.  Don't forget to check out the F.A.Q.s, and  index of each page if you have questions.  We have tried to include everything you would ever want to know about our cars right on the site.  

Have fun!

* Cobra", "Shelby", "GT40", "Ford" , and "AC" are registered trademarks. 

E.R.A. is in no way connected to the holders of these or any other rights involving the original Ford, Shelby Cobra or AC.

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427 - 289FIA/Slabside - ERA GT
ERA at SAAC 25!

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