Optional Big Brakes!

For track use, E.R.A. offers extra large front and rear brakes.  The standard optional configuration (which fits into the 15" pin-drive wheel and most bolt-on wheels) uses 4-piston fixed caliper (equivalent to the Wilwood Superlite series) and 12.2" directionally vented rotors.

We have discontinued any optional brakes for the Jaguar-based suspension.  Instead our optional outboard-braked rear suspension has 11.75" x .81" vented rotors as standard.

But don't assume that the stock brakes are "too small"!  A 427SC with stock brakes won the 0-100mph-0 Hot Rod challenge with a time of 12.07 seconds!

For prolonged extreme useage, though, the recovery time of the optional brakes is much less.