The Dashboards

There are three available dash configurations, two of which were on the original car.

The standard competition-style dashboard has the speedometer in the center position, the oil pressure gage moved opposite the tachometer.

Clockwise or counter-clockwise speedometers are available.

SC Dashboard
The "normal" SC dash doesn't have a glovebox,  although
 one is available at extra cost.

The optional street dash has the steering column flanked by the speedometer and tachometer, with the small instruments in the center. A fully finished glovebox is located at the right side.  

This car has the optional Smiths instruments and ERA steering column.

Street dashboard
The glove box is standard on the street dash, and can be installed on the SC dash. The door is fully finished inside and out, really a work of art.

We supply a felt-like material so that you can line the inside of the box to keep rattles down and to complete that "real car" look.

Those who want a radio/tape player can mount it inside the box or on the tunnel.

OK - this is something only an obsessive-compulsive would notice, but it's an indication of just how far we are willing to go to give you the best!  The original car used a Lucas ignition switch with a bezel with slots like the one at the left.  Unfortunately, we've found that the Lucas switch had marginal current capacity, so we use an American made (Delco) replacement.  But the Delco bezel was hexagonal.  So now, we have a stainless steel bezel made that fits the Delco switch, but with slots like the the Lucas.  The original look - only better.
You can use a Jaguar XKE emergency brake handle or our optional emergency brake handle shown at the left.  It's a visual duplicate of the original, but bolts up to our bracket.  It actually works well!
Emergency brake handle

View From the Driver's Seat

We took these pictures from the eye-point of view of a driver, to show the instruments as when you're driving the car. 

Dash view with standard dash

Driver's height does not matter that much: As the seat goes forward for the shorter driver, your view tends to look over the wheel more.

SC Dashboard eye-level