Many New Changes!

New body side
The second body out of the mold. We've moved the manufacture of the main body shell back to our factory to insure quality.  It's all hand-laid now too.  We use a spray-on release for the first few bodies - until the mold is broken in.   Later, the finish will be even smoother than this.
731 left frontThe new body doesn't have the flange under the rocker, the front flares are slightly different, and some of the assymetry has been removed. We left a little for originality. grin  Most of the differences are under the skin though.  (See below)
Lots more aluminum, more interior room, and several  original-look engine compartment changes.
rear fenderHeadlight
The mold break lines are very small, even, and easy to smooth.
Chassis changes, from the front to the rear
  1. New body mounting tubes, at the nose opening and underneath the cowl.
  2. New-style bottom radiator mounts.
  3. New front frame horns, side tubing and bumper mounting system.
  4. New aluminum front wheel splash panels.  The rear panels are removable for battery and exhaust access.
  5. New tubes from cowl to front suspension
  6. Wider footboxes.
  7. New original-style throttle mounting.
  8. Original-style fresh air valves on both footboxes.
  9. Original-style wiper mount on footbox.
  10. New front battery support.
  11. Curved outer cowl support tubes for wider footbox.
  12. New formed outriggers from main rails to side rails
  13. Slanted side rails for smooth transition from floor to door opening
  14. New floor design.
  15. Extra reinforcement for side intrusion protection.
  16. New Aluminum tunnel.
  17. Stronger door latch mounting system.
  18. New rear splash panels.
  19. Aluminum trunk panels

Can I update my older ERA?

Sorry, but because there are so many changes that are "integrated" with the other updates, none of the changes are practically applicable to an older chassis.