E.R.A. has an enviable reputation.  Our cars have been tested by all the major publications:  Car and Driver, Road and Track, Motor Trend, Automobile, Hot Rod, and even Popular Mechanics.  Why?  Because it is more than a kit, it's a real (good) car.

Customer-built E.R.A. cars have won the "BEST COBRA REPLICA" competition at the annual Shelby American meet in sixteen of the last  seventeen years!

Popular Mechanics

Congratulations to Joe Speziale (#385 427) and Bruce Clark  (# 2040 ERA GT ) on their wins at the 2000 SAAC!

Jeff Burgy

And Jeff Burgy's 289 wins in '99 and 20001!

Kit car manufacturers were polled by Petersen's Kit Car Magazine. "

Kit car manufacturers were polled by Peterson's Kit Car Magazine. "Other than your own car, who makes the best Cobra replica, and Why?" The most frequent answer:


"In every test we put it through Roy Allen's 427 E.R.A. showed its tail to the - everybody genuflect! - Ferrari F40 (price $395,120.)"

E.R.A. TEST RESULTS: "0-60 MPH" - 1st @ 3.3 seconds, "roadholding, 200ft skid pad, g" - 1st @ 1.05g, "braking 70-0" - 2nd @ 176ft, "maneuverability, 1000ft slalom - 2nd @ 66.8mph.

Ed. Note: The E.R.A. was the only car tested with a big block engine, giving away about 200 pounds to the competition. The only car that beat the E.R.A. in the slalom was a custom, single purpose auto-crosser with super-quick steering and 17" diameter wheels, 2" bigger and 3" wider than the E.R.A.. Its extremely low profile tires had a competitive advantage over the more conventional (and original) tires on the E.R.A. The E.R.A., was a customer built street car, with no modifications to the standard kit other than slightly stiffer springs.

Car and Driver
Car and Driver magazine, Dec., 1991 (Comparison test between an E.R.A. and three of our competitors)

KCI Run and Gun

Kit Car Illustrated, Dec., 1991 annual "Run & Gun" competition

"At the end of the day, Stacey Pendergast had himself four trophies. He had won the Class A plaque in the autocross: he had the Class A (bracket) honors; he had the Top Dog Drag Strip trophy, and by combining his second in the autocross with his first-place time in the drag strip, he had a total of three points to give him the Top Dog Overall award.

The fact that the A bracket winner, runner up and semifinalist (Bob Newman) were all driving E.R.A. Cobras speaks very highly of those cars."

See also the1994 Cobras quarterly with the results of the 1994 Run and Gun. Great reading!  Fifty six cars entered this event. While many companies sent specially prepared vehicles, (and in some cases hired professional drivers) E.R.A. lets our customers show how good an E.R.A. is. They rarely disappoint us!

"...the king of the hill in this test was Bill Thornton's E.R.A. replica Cobra. This bruiser managed 100 MPH in second gear, while scorching the entire trip from 0-100-0 in only 12.07 seconds! Excellent braking power helped the Cobra win this contest."

Hot rod

Hot Rod magazine, Nov. 1987 "MPH Shootout 0-100-0"

"You should be very proud of the performance of your Cobra replica. An average of 0.97G on full skid depth Comp T/A 50 series tires is truly an accomplishment for a streetable vehicle". BF Goodrich tire testing, June 1984, quoting from a letter accompanying test results

On the same skid pad the then new Corvette with 16" wheels and the latest Goodyear Gatorbacks recorded a high of only 0.90G.

January 10, 2007
Peter, I've had my car (#732) a month now and have gone over it in detail: the quality is excellent.  Better than that though, in hindsight there is not a single thing that I would have changed on it.  Not even a small item; it's perfect.
Pat T.




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I've got to give all of you at ERA credit for the great job you've done and are doing with the cars. I haven't driven the car at 100% yet, but close. The car seems very neutral with no surprising transients except for that good old throttle-induced oversteer provided by the 427. Mid Ohio would be a good track for going all out, but maybe I'll get it up to VIR, which should also be good. Need some good runoff areas just in case.

One of the best compliments the car has ever gotten was from an original Cobra owner, a 428 street version. I drove his to check out a chassis problem, which seemed to be something loose in the rear suspension. The car felt unsettled at about 60 mph and higher speeds. To return the favor I let him drive my ERA. His response was, "That's the best Cobra I've ever driven." He's owned more than one original, one being a small block which he currently owns and drives frequently.


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ERA does and has come with added quality for years that others only hope to match.

The CAV car may not be ERA quality but neither is SPF.

That is not to say the other cars fail the quality test. Just that ERA is and has been in a different league for years.


"I am in CT, near ERA's factory. People have told me that ERA makes the best kit, and a pal has a 427 that rides as smooth as my 525 Bimmer."


Motor trend

Motor Trend magazine, January 1983, in which they compare the E.R.A., Contemporary, Butler and Aurora Cobra replicas.

"Its all around performance also impressed us. Toss in the completeness of the kit and the fact that this is the most exacting duplicate of a 427 Cobra, and you have found what we suspect to be the best choice for a serious replica Cobra builder."