Ex-factory 427 street cars looked just like this one: Sunburst wheels, no hood scoop or roll bar, and an undercar exhaust exiting at the rear.  The double round tail-lights were used on most of the street cars, but some had the rectangular ones.

The trim on the front grill splitter is visible here.  The Comp cars didn't bother with the extra weight of the piece, nor did they have radiator fans.  Some street cars used one fan in front of the radiator, some two.

This car also has the optional grill surround and rear bumper bar (above right) for a little parking protection.

All street cars used Smiths instruments and wooden steering wheel in this configuration - with the tachometer on the left.

A glovebox was standard on the street cars, but eliminated on the comp cars.

Various engine combinations were used in the street cars.  This one has a single 4bbl 428, although some had 2 carbs.

The battery is stowed in front of the passenger's footbox, unlike the comp cars, where it fit behind the seats.

Lucas wiper motor and the fresh air footbox vent.

The spare took up most of the trunk space.  The trunk-well was fiberglass, unlike the comp cars which used aluminum above the extra-large fuel tank.

Original Colors

Guardman Blue
PPG DBU 12832
Wimbleton White

British Racing Green