The ERA Seat System

Our standard seats are built on a steel framework (we used to use a fiberglass bucket) to duplicate the original look and feel.  Genuine Pirelli webbing and bottom diaphram support the foam covering.  For optimum comfort and support, we use several different foam types and densities, glued in strategic areas.  

This is an expensive seat to build (in house, of course), 

Seat frame

but it's worth it.  (See below)

Seat basics
For people with sizes past the 98th percentile, we can change the amount of padding in the back and the bottom cushion for a little extra room.

"I can second the comfort comments about the ERA seats. Last summer my wife was at a conference in San Francisco and the last day of the conference I jumped into ERA684 and drove straight through from Portland to SF (about 600 miles) with only gas stops. From there we went down to Carmel for 3 days and then spend another 3 days driving back up the pacific coast back to Portland. A total of 1400 miles and not an ache or pain for the entire trip."   

FYI, the trucker who is delivering 2117 (FIA street) just phoned ? he will be in Miami tomorrow...
He said "Man, those seats in your cobra are the most comfortable Cobra seats I've ever sat in".  I am looking forward to sitting in them myself!

   Rick D
Vinyl seat
The vinyl (above right) looks almost exactly like leather, and has a "feel" that is very, very close.  It doesn't require as much attention as the leather, either.

On the other hand, nothing can replace the smell of leather!

The optional leather is available in black, plus many other colors - even with colored piping like this car.  We demand flawless hides to make our leather covers, and carefully double stitch every seam.

Tan leather