Rebuilt Jaguar-based Rear Suspension

When we rebuild a Jag unit for our subframe, everything that can be practically replaced is:
  • All new bearings in the hubs and control arms.  We do not use urethane bushings - they are too soft.
  • New teflon-lined rod-ends for the trailing arms.
  • The differential is rebuilt, with new LSD and gears as necessary.
  • Brake calipers are disassembled and cleaned, with new pistons, seals, brake lines and bleeders installed.
  • New Spax adjustable dampers and Eibach springs.

Rebuild in progress

The rebuild in process, before the hub carriers and axles are installed.

Reinforced Control Arms

The lower control arms are shortened from the inner end and diagonally reinforced for extra stiffness.  Because we also use trailing arms, the stress at the junction of the tube and inner forged yoke is reduced by 70% from its original Jaguar design.

In addition, the diagonal reinforcements eliminate almost all flex from the inner "wishbone", which was small to begin with.

Axle shortening

Fail-safe Axle Design

We modify the original Jaguar axles by cutting off each yoke end after turning down the shaft a small amount.  It is then press-fit into the tube and welded.

If the weld fails (which it won't), the yoke will turn inside the tube, but because of the wheel offset, the yokes will not come apart from the tube.  In addition, because the axle is a press-fit, the pieces may  friction-weld themselves together so that you may even have a small amount of drive torque afterward to limp home.

Axle shortening