Wiring high-amp and one-wire alternator

ERA can supply the necessary wire addition to make installation of the new alternator reasonably straightforward.

If using a one-wire alternator, the field and stator wire are not used. Neither is the circuit that normally goes to the voltage regulator. Tape off the field and stator wires going to the alternator.

 If desired, you can still retain a dummy voltage regulator for looks, but it's not necessary.

This method will channel (shunt) about half the alternator current directly to the battery while still retaining an indication whether the car is charging or discharging at the ammeter.

Included: 85" x 12G high-temperature wire with 1/4" eye (to alternator) and 5/16" eye (to starter solenoid) Installation: Run the new wire parallel to the original heavy wire (Orange on most later cars) from the starter solenoid (right side) to the alternator output stud.