Original Colors

According to Computerworks, posting on ClubCobra, the following colors were offered as standard colors on the 427 street cars:
Guardsman Blue A-1630
Charcoal (Lincoln Charcoal Frost) A-1786
Ivy Green (Custom) A-1738
Raven Black A-946
Maroon (Custom)
Silver (1965 Lincoln Silver Mink) A-1784
White - A-1347
Rangoon Red A-1440-R
Wimbledon White A-1633

However, the 427 Comp and S/C cars came over bare (unpainted) and were painted to order at the Shelby facility. Besides the stock colors, the list below contains all the original (as shipped) colors for the Comp & S/C

Ferrari Yellow
Candy Apple Red
Ivy Green
Sapphire Blue
Silver Green Metallic
Hertz Gold
Guardsman Blue
Rangoon Red
Navy Blue
Silver Blue Metallic