Clutch Release - Concentric hydraulic throwout bearing This system is typically used with the Tremec and sometimes the T-5.  It solves the mismatch problem of bell housing and throwout lever heights.


Concentric hydraulic throwout slave cylinders are sensitive to proper setup.  We typically use Weber brand, and have found them to be reliable if setup correctly.  When you do your car, it is essential to follow the installation guidelines.  Pictures and procedures shown here are particular to Weber - yours may be different.  Always read and follow the instructions for your setup. 

Weber brand cylinders (and most others) have no system to keep the "piston" from being pushed too far out of the cylinder - and puking fluid all over the floor.  The ERA requires a pedal stop so that the master cylinder stroke is limited.

Adjusting the Bearing/Clutch Clearance

"Permantly" install all the clutch components onto the flywheel, using an alignment tool for the driven disc.
Install the bell housing. 
Using a straight-edge across the bell housing opening, measure the height of the fingers below the opening. 
Make sure that the cylinder piston is pushed all the way into the housing.  Adjust the height of the bearing on the transmission by screwing the threaded adjusting sleeve in or out of the slave cylinder so that when the transmission is installed, there will be the indicated clearance.
After the transmission is installed permantly, recheck the clearance and connect the pressure hose to the clutch master cylinder.
Attach the bleed hose to the bellhousing flange at a conveniently accessible location.