Clutch Master Cylinder Update: BMW to Tilton

We changed the kit-supplied clutch master cylinder from the BMW unit to a universal Tilton unit around chassis 700/2100FIA.  The Tilton 74-750 (normal installation) is the same diameter as the 19mm BMW.  Under certain circumstances, we use the 7/8" Tilton. (74-875)

If you are changing from a BMW master to the Tilton, you must:

  • The bracket on very early cars has round bolt holes, the later cars bracket has oval holes.  The round holes must be elongated outward to fit the Tilton pattern.
  • Trim the feed tube back (or replace it) and make a sealing flare to mate with the master cylinder feed hose.
  • Replace the feed line and banjo bolt.  (The new banjo is 3/8-24 thread.)
  • Trim the rear boss on the casting as shown

Trimming the Tilton MC

Replacing the BMW master cylinder

Note!  On early cars with a vertical mounting bracket face (later cars mount the master cylinder tilted up at the back), make sure that the retaining circlip has its gap at the bottom.  If you don't do this, possible interference might cause the  link  to bend or break.