Hose Interchange Numbers and Sources, FE engines


Gates 24228 (Expansion tank to optional connecting tube)Straight, 1.75" ID x 4"L
Gates 21236 (Optional connecting tube to radiator)1992 Ford Bronco lower
Alt. Gates 26505?
Gates 20819 (Expansion tank to radiator top, w/o connecting tube)Chevrolet Corvette, 1966-1968, lower, with 7L engine
For small block, go here.


Gates 20620 (Thermo-switch tube to lower radiator)"Flex" type: Gates 25530 (22"L, 1.5"id x 2.0"id)
Goodyear 62107 (Aluminum water pump to thermo-switch tube)Freightliner truck, Model FL60,  1996 with 8.3L engine, upper
Gates 21047 (Ford (iron) water pump to thermo-switch tube)Ford F-100, F250 Pickup, 1968-1974, lower, with 5.9L or 6.4L engine
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