Retrofitting the aluminum radiator

Remove the hood, leaving the hinges in place on the inner panel.

Remove the front shrouds, old top shroud, radiator and bottom tray.  Fill the old holes in the front hood opening edge with screws or rivets.

Install the new bottom tray with grommets onto the chassis studs.

Support tray
Temporarily install the radiator from the top, inserting the bottom studs into the lower tray.  The fan/bracket will be installed later.
Fit the upper tab onto the shroud and over the radiator stud.  The tab/grommet is held in place with the large washer and cotter pin.

More installation views are in the manual.
Hold the radiator in place as shown below.  Make sure that there's 1/4" clearance for the hood hinge.

Have someone mark the inner panel where the screws go through the tabs.

Remove the radiator and all the shroud pieces.

Drill (25/64") through the inner panel, using a small pilot drill first.


Use a nut and washer to install the insert into the fiberglass.  Thread the bolt into the insert and tighten the nut and washer against the insert's flange surface, holding the bolt head statiionary.  Make sure that the flange is flush to the surface when you're tightening the nut.

Reinstall the radiator, upper shroud and fan/bracket between the top and bottom trays.

The finished upper mount should look like this!