427, Up to chassis 731

Fit the rod end (C) through the footbox using a large washer on either side of the hole. Install the pedal assembly (A) with the linkage bracket (B) onto the foot box.

Bolt the bracket (D) onto the engine using the rear-most intake manifold bolt.

Fit the left end of the transverse link  (F) to the rod end on bracket (B).  Secure with a cotter pin.  Slide a rod end (E) onto the transverse link and bolt to the bracket (D).

Note:  This linkage can be adapted to most engines.  If yours requires something different, call us.  The FE dual-quad setup requires an additional linkage assembly.

427 Linkage layout

427, Chassis 731-on

Late linkage

Adjusting the linkage

  • Wire the carburetor linkage fully open.

  • Install the cross-shaft engine support bracket so that the shaft will end up as parallel to the firewall as possible and fairly horizontal.

  • Install the link from the carb to the cross-shaft, adjusting the length to have the cross-shaft bellcrank angled about 30 degrees toward the firewall.

  • Adjust the bellcrank on the pedal shaft so that it is angled back toward the firewall about 20 degrees when the pedal is bottomed out on the floor.

  • Install the link from the pedal to the cross-shaft so that the pedal is about 1/2" from hitting the floor.

  • Remove the wire holding the carburetor linkage open and check whether the pedal is at a convenient height.  If it is too high, change the link footbox link to a lower hole on the cross-shaft.  If it is too low, change the engine link to a lower hole on the cross-shaft.

  • Install the return springs as shown below and confirm that you're still getting full throttle.

  • Tighten all bolts and jam nuts, check for interference, and grease all the pivot points.

FIA Linkage layout

FIA Linkage

If you want the "smooth look" shown at the right, cut some 5/16" brake line to length to cover the middle section of the threaded rods.