Rear Suspension Alignment - ERA Rear Suspension

Specifications - Street

  • Camber: -3/4 deg. +/- 1/4 deg.
  • Toe-in: 0-1/16" (0-1/4 deg.)
Camber definitions


Set the trailing arm lengths as described on page 70 in the manual.

Set the height as described on page 113.

Use the rear tie rod to bring the toe-in into spec, but don't tighten the jam nuts. The threads on the outer section of the tie rod are left hand, the threads into the inner rod end are rightt hand.  Turning the adjuster into the inner rod-end will decrease toe-in/increase toe-out.  For each complete turn of the tie rod, toe will change by 0.2" (.75 deg.). Turning the tie-rod 1/6 of a turn (one flat on the adjuster) will change the toe-in by 1/32" (1/8 deg.).

Measure the camber

To change the camber, the front rod end must be disengaged from the inner bracket. Jack the car up to unload the suspension and remove the front inner pivot bolt. For each ¼ degree of camber change needed, turn the rod end ½ turn in or out. Re-insert the inner pivot bolt and tighten to 75 lbft. Then re-adjust the rear tie rod by turning in or out ½ the number of turns that the rod end was changed by: i.e. you rotated the rod end by ½ turn, rotate the tie-rod by ¼ turn (to equally change the radius arm length).

Rear suspension control arms