Preventing Paint chips on the rear fenders

Paint chips can be mostly prevented with clear plastic film applied to the front of each rear fender.  Kits and instructions are available from Invinca-Shield.

The text at the right is one person's experience and supplemental hints. (Taken from the ClubCobra web site)

 There is also an instructional video clip available on the Invinca-Shield web site.

"I had installed window tint before and I thought it would be the same process but of course windows are flat and the fender of Cobras are round. Of course you start by spraying everything with soapy water per the instructions. But then I spent so much time trying to get the edges to lay down flat that I ended up with a couple of air bubbles in the middle. After about 30 minutes of trying to work the air bubbles out, I pulled it off and started over again. Now, here's the secret. At first, don't worry about the edges sticking down at all. Just use lots of soapy water and get the center part right. Then after you have the center part right, you easily stick the edges down by switching to a solution of alcohol and water. The instructions give you the ratio of alcohol to water. What a huge difference it made when I started using the alcohol. Somehow it almost seems to shrink the film down to allow the flat two dimensional film to fit your three dimensional fender."

"Hope that helps."