Service tools: Hub puller JD.ID, Dummy shaft JD.14. Thread protector JD.1C/7.


Remove lower pin1  Remove rear road wheel.

2  Place stand under rear of car.

3  Remove fulcrum shaft grease nipple from hub carrier.

4  Withdraw split pin, remove castellated nut and plain washer from splined end of half-shaft and fit thread protector JD.lC/7 over end of shaft.

5  Fit hub puller, ID. ID, to rear hub and secure. Withdraw hub and carrier from half shaft. Remove hub puller from hub and carrier and recover thread protector.

6  Recover spacer from half shaft.  Examine inner oil seal track and renew if necessary.

7  Remove one nut from outer wishbone fulcrum shaft and using a hide mallet, drift out shaft. Remove hub and carrier assembly from car. Temporarily secure retaining washers and shims using adhesive tape.


8  Fit dummy to hub carrier fulcrum.

9  Fit hub carrier to wishbone, positioning shims removed between carrier and wishbone.

10  Replace outer wishbone fulcrum shaft, displacing dummy shaft.

11  Secure shaft with nut. Torque to 97-1071b.ft. (13,4 -- 14,8 kg.m.). Refit grease nipple.

12  If necessary fit oil seal track to half shaft splined flange. Refit spacer.

13  Thoroughly clean and de-grease splines of half shaft and bore of hub.

14  Using a small brush, sparingly apply Loctite 'Stud Lock' to outer two thirds of half shaft splines.

15  Assemble hub carrier to half shaft.

16  Fit washer and secure hub carrier assembly with castellated nut. Torque to 100 to 120 lb.ft. (13,8 to 16,6 kg.m.). Lock using new split pin.

17  Check, and if necessary, adjust hub beanng end float.


Layout of lower pivot1  Remove rear hub and carrier assembly see above, operations 1 to 9 above.

2  Pry out oil seal retainers from fulcrum shaft housing and remove seals, dummy shaft, bearings, distance tubes and shims.

3  Mount hub carrier in vice and drift out bearing cups from fulcrum shaft housing.

4  Transfer hub carrier to press and remove hub assembly from carrier.

5  Drift out inner hub bearing cup, with seal and bearing, from hub carrier.

6  Drift out outer bearing cup.

7  Fit hand press SL.14 with adapters JD.l6C-l to hub and pull outer bearing from hub.

8  Remove oil seal track from hub shaft and clean and inspect all parts.  NOTE: When inspecting commponents, pay particular attention to tracks, when a minute score can considerably shorten oil seal life.

9  Replace outer oil seal track on hub shaft.

10  Press outer bearing cone into position on hub shaft and grease bearings with 70 cc of Retinax 'A'.

11  Press outer and inner cups of bearings into hub carrier, using tool with adaptor JD.20A-l.

12  Drift new outer oil seal into position in hub carrier and lower carrier on to hub shaft and outer bearing.

13  Place inner bearing into position for fitting.

14  Place master spacer JD.l5 into position as shown and press bearing on shaft.

15  Transfer hub and carrier assembly to vise, set up dial gauge and JD.15 as shown and measure end float, lifting carrier by using two screwdrivers as levers.

16  Select spacer to be fitted on drive shaft.
NOTE: Master spacer has a diameter of length 'A' equivalent to a spacer of 0.15 in. (3,81 mm.). Calculate the spacer required to give end end float of .001 in. to .003 in. (,025 to ,07mm.). Spacers are supplied in thicknesses of .109 to .151 in. (2,77 to 3,84 mm in steps of .003 in. (,076 mm.) lettered A to R (less letters I, N, and 0).

Spacer Letter Thickness
Inches mm





0.112" 2.85


0.115" 2.92


0.118" 3.00


0.121" 3.07


0.124" 3.15


0.127" 3.23


0.130" 3.30


0.133" 3.38


0.136" 3.45


0.139" 3.53


0.142" 3.61


0.145" 3.68


0.148" 3.76


0.151" 3.84

For example, assume end-float to be .026 in. (,66 mm.). Subtract required nominal end float of .002 in. (,050 mm..) from measured end float giving .024 in. (,61 mm.). Since special collar is .150 in. (3,81 mm.) thick, the thickness of the spacer to be fitted will be .150 in.-.024 in., i.e. .126 in. (3,20 mm.). The nearest spacer is .127 in. (3,23 mm.) so letter G spacer should be fitted in place of special collar.
17  Remove adaptor and fit new inner bearing oil seal to hub carrier.

18  Fit fulcrum shaft bearing cups to hub carrier and insert one bearing.

19  Secure fulcrum shaft vertically in suitably protected jaws of vice and slide bearing in hub carrier over shaft.

20  Replace distance tubes and shims as removed in operation 2, adding 0.0 10 in. (0,25 mm.) extra shims. (One extra .003 in. [0,076 mm.] shim and one extra 0.007 in. [0,178 mm.] shim.)

21  Fit second bearing over fulcrum shaft, remove hub assembly from vice and replace oil seal tracks outside bearings.

22  Place a large washer (e.g. inner fork thrust washer) next to one oil seal track.

23  Cover exposed plain length of fulcrum shaft with suitable temporary spacers, fit nuts and tighten to 97 to 107 lbf.ft. (13,4 to 14,8 kgf.m.).

24  Apply pressure to fulcrum shaft at large washer end, turning it to settle taper rollers and using feeler gauge measure minimum distance between large washer and hub carrier.

25  Apply pressure to opposite end of fulcrum shaft and measure maximum distance between washer and hub carrier.

NOTE: End play of fulcrum shaft in hub carrier is now obtained by subtracting measurement obtained in operation 24 from that in 25. This end play must be replaced by a preload of 0.002 in. (0,05 mm.) by removing shims, to a total thickness of 0.002 in. (0,05 mm.) more than the end play, from between spacer tubes: For example: Assume end play found in operation 24 to be .010 in. (,25 mm.). Therefore shims to the value of .010+ .002 in. = .012 in. (,25 + ,05 mm. = ,30 mm.) must be removed to give correct preload.

26  Release nut from large washer end of fulcrum shaft and detach spacers, washer, oil seal track and bearing.

27  Remove one spacer tube and extract shims to thickness established to give preload.

28  Replace spacer tube, pack fulcrum shaft housing with grease and replace hearing and oil seal track.

29  Push out fulcrum shaft by inserting dummy shaft and detach temporary spacers from fulcrum shaft. Check that oil seal tracks are in position.

30  Press new oil seals into fulcrum shaft housings and secure with oil seal retainers.

31  Replace rear hub and carrier assembly.