Remove and replace Jag-based rear suspension

These instructions are to be used in conjunction with the assembly manual.
  • Use a jack under the differential to raise the rear of the car.  Support with jackstands under the main chassis rails just forward of the rear suspension.  You will need a minimum of 16" clearance under the rear body edge (or the spare tire well on the FIA) to remove the assembly to the rear.
  • 427 only - Remove the fuel tank:
    Disconnect the main filler at the connection inside the trunk.
    Disconnect the fuel line at the pickup at the rear of the tank.
    Disconnect the fuel sender connection.
  • Drain the differential lubricant.
  • Remove the seats.
  • Remove the access panel behind the seats.
  • Remove the tunnel.
  • Disconnect the driveshaft.
  • Disconnect the brake flex line at the chassis.  Plug the steel brake line.
  • Disconnect the trailing arms where they connect to the chassis.
  • Support the assembly with the jack and remove the top cage pivot bolts.
  • Lower slightly, disengaging the upper mounts.  Then pull the assembly back while lowering slowly.
  • Replacement is done in the reverse order.