Preparing the Body for the Painter

(This particular car has an aluminum hood)

We remove:
  • All lights
  • Front wheelhouse panels
  • Radiator, oil cooler and shrouding
  • Windshield
Right front
The louver is fastened at the top and bottom with small button-head Allen screws.  Most of the time, it is painted the same color as the car.

If you are using side-pipes, use the template in the manual to cut the hole in the body.  Be generous:  Making the hole larger is messy after the car is painted.

The door is hinged and latched, and the basic alignment is confirmed.

 The body shop can do any final alignment to match the edges.

So they can't be lost, we also remove the latch covers.  The paint shop will have to remove everything to finish off the door inner panels.
The cowl edges (front, above dash and behind  the seats) can be radiused as though an aluminim skin was wrapped around a steel tube like the original car.
The trunk is hinged and latched, but we don't give the painter the handle.  The trunk can still be opened with a screwdriver or a 5/16" square drive.