Competition Suspension Setup

 These are only suggestions for an initial setup. For track, a tire pyrometer is required to "dial in" camber for an individual application. 

Some hints

Front suspension

Street/Comp: Ride height: Stock, Caster - Unchanged
(minus) 1.0-1.5 degrees, Toe-in:  0-1/16" * For short tracks (parking lot gymkhana style) you might want to temporarily crank in toe-out.

Track: Ride height: Lowered 1"-1.5", Caster - Unchanged
Camber: (minus) 1.5-2.5 degrees, Toe-out: 1/16-1/8"

Rear Jag suspension

Street/Comp: Ride height:: Stock, Camber: -1.5-2.0 degrees, Toe-out: 0-1/16"

TrackRide height: Lowered 1"-1.5", Camber: (minus) 2.0-2.5 degrees, Toe-out:  0-1/16"

Rear ERA suspension

Street/Comp: Ride height: Stock, Caster - Unchanged
-1.0-1.5 degrees, Toe-out:  0-1/16"

TrackRide height:  Lowered 1"-1.5", Caster - Unchanged
: (minus) 2.0-2.5 degrees, Toe-out: 1/16-1/8"