is always an interesting challenge.  The best sizes (that match the original cars' profiles) do not offer many high-performance choices.  With 15" wheels (7.5" and 9.5" wide), we recommend:

Front*: 235/60-15 (If you can't find 235s, 245/60-15 will fit the 427 after chassis 731)

*Avon tires seem to be sized a little differently.  Use 225/65-15 instead.  See below for M/T sizes.

Rear: 295/50-15 (rim width 9" or more), 275/55-15 (rim width less than 9")

Other possible sizes (including 16" and 17" rims) are listed here.

Some Tire Sources

Technical information

Tires that (may be) available in both sizes, as of 06/11/24: Some may be be a bit scarce.

Available Tires

Wheel Sizes For: 427 -------  FIA

Speed Ratings

In the USA, since you will never excede the legal speed limit, Winkspeed ratings shouldn't be a primary factor in tire choice.  But, it's nice to have a little safety factor anyway.  As you search through the tire distributors' offerings, you will find that only Avon and M/T (S/R only) tires have a higher-than-T speed rating. 

Currently the available brands that (may) offer both sizes include

There may be others, so it never hurts to search around.

Speed ratings

  • S = 112 MPH, 180km/h
  • T = 118 MPH, 190km/h
  • U = 124 MPH, 200km/h
  • H = 130 MPH, 210km/h
  • V = 149 MPH, 240km/h
  • Z = 149 MPH, 240km/h and over
  • W = 168 MPH, 270km/h
  • Y = 186 MPH, 300km/h