Tire and Wheel Balance

Steering wheel vibration is almost always the result of tire or wheel imbalance, a tire defect, or wheel out of true.  If you have a vibration problem:
  • If the car is old, check for loose ball joints and tie rods. Also check that the wheel bearings are tight.
  • Check the wheel run-out.  The wheel should run within 0.030" (.7 mm) at the tire bead.  If the wheel excedes the maximum, mark the spot of maximum run-out and rotate the wheel on the hub by 180 degrees (or two bolt holes).  If the spot of maximum run-out does not move with the wheel, the hub may be defective.
  • Have the wheel/tire dynamically balanced.   Hunter balancers are some of the best for fixing balancing problems.
  • If the problem persists, you may have a bad tire - tread separation or out-of-round.  Your tire service center may be able to find these problems.