Headlight Relay Option

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Printable Instructions
Wiring diagram (Slabside, but similar to the 427 and FIA)
Wiring diagram
  • Mount the buss over the fusebox as shown.  Two #6 screws are included in the kit.
  • Disconnect the white and red wires currently going to fuses 7 and 8.
  • Connect those wires to the buss as shown in the bottom picture.
  • Connect the white and red wires from the relays to the buss as shown above.
  • Connect the W/G wire from relay to fuse 2 (on top of the existing connection).
  • Locate the relay sockets on the firewall.  Make sure that their location doesn't interfere with the throttle linkage.  Drill holes for the #8 screws (included) and secure the relay sockets.
  • Replace fuse 2 with a new 30A fuse and fuses 7 and 8 with 20A fuses.
Relay installation