Quad Tail-light Wiring

(Pre chassis #650)
Typically, the top light will have the amber lense with only the signals.  The bottom lights will be the brakes and parking lights.
It isn't necessary to add any wires to the system if the brown and/or blue wire to the rear are is not used.
  • Disconnect the wires going to the tail light (trailer) relay.  You might as well leave it in place for "legacy" compatibility.
  • Cut the brown wire where it comes out from the (dash harness) connector.  For extra length, strip the covering back from the harness a bit.
  • Connect the brown wire to the red wire that was connected to the trailer relay input.
  • Add yellow and green wires between the 4-way junctions and the fuses (where the old relay connected).
  • At the rear, add jumpers from the brown wire to each lower tail light (bright filament connector).  Keep the red parking light wire.
  • Remove the red parking light wire from the top (amber) lights, leaving only the yellow and green.