Hooking up the VW column switch

See the bottom of the page for ERA wiring connections to the switch.

The original Cobra used a VW column switch (141 953 517F) for horn and signals - which is fortunately still available.  Many kit cars use the same switch but substitute headlight dimming for the horn function and use a dash mounted horn button.  This is how the VW was wired, so the headlight relay (111 941 583) is available too.

The signal light switch is wired as shown.  If you are sharing a single filament for the rear signals and brakes (the second filament in the bulb is for the parking lights), you will need a relay to convert the dual inputs of brakes and signals into a single output.  This can be done with a simple trailer relay available from most auto parts stores.

The headlights can be dimmed with the setup below.  The VW relay (111 941 583) is still available.  The colors indicated as connections to the headlight are typical of British cars.  The wires to the column dimmer switch may have different colors than shown.  Don't worry - as long as you're using wires with brown (N) on them you'll be OK.

Below are the appropriate connections for ERA 427s, chassis 350-on.

VW signal switch - ERA installation

Basic Wiring Primer and Troubleshooting Guide
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