Bumpers and Quick-Jacks

Jack-pads are standard equipment on the FIA.  The street option would normally include the front and rear over-riders, although the silver "street car" shown has retained the jack-pads..

All the bumpers are mounted through sturdy brackets on the frame - and designed to actually work in parking encounters.  Loads are fed directly into the chassis, of course.

All the mounting hardware that you see here is standard:  Aluminum spacers, threaded rod, chrome acorn nuts, and body grommets.  I've noticed that some other companies don't give you the grommets.  We went to the bother of having special ones made - designed for the thickness of the fiberglass body.  What do you do if you don't have those?

The front and rear nudge bars are also optional.  

The illustration is taken from the assembly manual.

Bumper mounting