Wire Wheel Details

Dayton Wheel (US made)

This wheel is stronger than the Dunlop because of the better drive system.  The wheels are mounted on an adapter that bolts onto standard bolt-on wheel hubs.

Dayton wheel
The wing nut can have the Dayton logo or be unmarked.
Front spline

Instead of splines, the wheel is driven by serrations on the adapter that match up to the back of the wheel.  

Dunlop (OEM British wheels)*

The splined adapters bolt onto standard bolt-on-wheel hubs theoretically, but the adapters' inside dimensions require careful modifications to the hubs.  The spline size is the same as the original 289 cars, but is smaller than a Jaguar spline.

The bottom line is these wheels are not as strong as the Dayton desgn.

*Note that these wheels are also distributed by Dayton.

Dunlop wheel Dunlop hub

Daytons on car
Dayton Wheels

Dunlop Wheels on FIA

Dunlop Wheels on Slabside