Intake Manifold Notes

There is limited clearance for tall intake manifolds.  Listed below are the specifications, restrictions and necessary modifications for various manifolds.

Generally, unless you use a small-diameter or narrow oval air cleaner, a hood scoop doesn't offer much  advantage over a smooth hood.  The scoop was added primarily so that Weber carburetors would fit.

Distance from the crank centerline to the valley flat: (The plane that A and B are measured from)

302 Windsor: 8.5"

351 Windsor: 9"

Performer (non-EGR)
  • 260-302 Windsor, A=3.5", B=4.75"
  • 351 Windsor, A=3.4", B=4.75"
Performer RPM
  • 302 Windsor, A=4.3", B=5.5" - Drop-based air cleaner. 
  • 351 Windsor, A=4.3, B=5.3"  - Drop-based air cleaner.

Edelbrock Air Gap Manifold

  • 302 Windsor, A=4.3", B=5.5" - Drop-based air cleaner.  
  • 351 Windsor, A=5.3, B=6.2" - Machine 3/8" from carburetor mounting surface and use drop-based air cleaner.