Oil Pressure Line Installation Hints

The oil pressure "signal" is tapped from the left front of the block, just in front of the oil filter.  Most later engines will have the hex-shaped extension shown.  Without it, the tubing adapter can be screwed directly into the block.  With it, remove the electric sender at the top of the adapter and substitute the tubing adapter fitting.

 Use a steel, not brass pipe to extend from the block.  Because of the potential weight on the end, brass will tend to fracture at the block end.

While the plastic tubing supplied with the gages have been 100% reliable for us, some race tracks require metal tubing from block to gage.  With the plastic tubing, make sure that it is kept away from the exhaust system.  We run the tubing straight out from the engine to the rear corner of the wheelhouse and up, following the wiring for the brake lights and voltage regulator.