E.R.A. integrates complex inner panels with brake, carburetor and interior ducting into each body section. To bond the inner and outer body panels together, E.R.A. uses a special technique of gasketing and bonding with epoxy to prevent distortion (print-through) to the outer skin. Other kits, and the original GT40, simply glass the inner panels directly to the outside skin, a cheap method that will eventually creat distortion on the outside body surface.

Front diagonal view

Mini-parking light

These high-intensity mini-parking lights allow for the use of full size driving lights.

Most of the visible sides of our inner panels are finished smooth in black gel-coat.  This means that even the inside of the rear body section looks good.  On a completed car, this finish looks adds class that a cobbled up kit will never achieve. rear

The double-walled roof is fabricated from high temperature/low shrink resin and reinforced with graphite and KevlarÒ for extra stiffness and dimensional stability.

All body latches and fasteners are also included.  The front body hinges at the front and is secured by custom die-cast latches and Dzus fasteners.  The rear body is also hinged, and secured by outside latches (see the bottom of this page) and top latches (seen at the right) controlled by inside levers on the rear bulkhead.

Top latch
Back view Even in our standard kit, every fiberglass panel is installed onto the chassis. You know that everything fits!  No fiberglass work is necessary, only preparation of the body components for paint. We even drill or cut out all the holes for the lights.

Included in the kit are your choice of rear body ventilation panels - louvered (as shown at the left), or with large rolled holes like the later competition cars had.

The doors are hinged, latched and adjusted at the factory. We have taken the extra time to replicate the original door handles and front and rear body latches instead of using incorrect off-the-shelf pieces.  These die-cast pieces are available from no-one else.

Door handle

Door, inside

 Windshield glass, plexiglass side windows with swing-out inserts, rear window, weather seals, and door limit straps are included in the kit.

Aluminum front compartment panels and rear splash panels and aluminum access panels are factory fit.

Original style brake cooling ducts are designed into the front and rear body. Ducts for carburetor air and engine compartment ventilation are designed into the rear body. Three dedicated air exits in the rear body are trimmed with aluminum covers in either MK1 (louvered) or MK2 (oval holes) style.

Three fresh air intakes (also sources for the optional air conditioning) are built into the nose. Each is ducted to the cockpit with hoses and valves.

Air intake
Front body hinge < The front body hinge works by sandwiching a nylon "nut" in an aluminum frame.  The nut screws onto a threaded stud on the chassis to allow adjustment left-to-right.  The capturing block is attached to the body through large holes and sliding nut plate behind, allowing longitudinal and vertical adjustment.

The rear body hinge >
is open, allowing easy removal of the rear body section.

Rear body hinge

All outside trim pieces are authentic reproductions of the originals, including door hardware and front and rear body latches. No one else is willing to invest the money to reproduce these rare pieces.

Side latch


The rear body side latches are backed up by top latches.  Release handles are inside the cockpit, behind each seat, but either handle will release both latches. Top latch system

On the track!