The Brake System

Except for the rotors and calipers (from late model Corvette), the ERA GT comes with all hydraulic and mechanical parts for the brakes and clutch control systems. From the pedals to the stainless steel sheathed caliper flex lines, everything is included and pre-installed. 

A fore-and-aft adjustable pedal assembly comes complete with: 

  • Dual brake master cylinders w/balance bar 
  • Clutch slave cylinder, bracket and connecting rod 
  • Fluid reservoirs with fill tubes and brackets are also included. 


  • Clutch Master cylinder 
  • All lines and fittings from front to rear 
  • Clutch slave cylinder and bracket 
  • Adjustable link to throw-out arm 


  • Accelerator pedal assembly, mounted on the system shown below. 
  • Accelerator cable and carburetor bracket 

Our new adjustable pedal assembly (RHD shown) uses an upper stationary frame from which the entire pedal assembly hangs. Distance adjustment is done from the passenger's seat with with a simple lever.  

The steering wheel also moves with the pedals, plus it's adjustable separately for distance and height!  

Dual aluminum brake master cylinders are used, and the front-to-rear brake balance is adjustable through a balance bar.

The clutch slave cylinder is also included in the kit, and all the hard lines are run from the front to the back of the car.

RHD pedal assembly

A dead pedal, on the left, is included as standard on every kit