Front Suspension Details

Front suspension

E.R.A. casts custom aluminum/magnesium uprights. The steering arms are machined from special high strength 2024 aluminum. The bottom boss, which accepts a standard ball joint, is plated high strength steel.  The upright accepts standard bearings so that servicing is easy and economical.  

A modified MGB steering gear completes the directional control.  Bump steer is near zero over the entire generous wheel travel (7" total), making high speed cruising relaxing and safe.

The bolt-on wheel configuration uses standard late-model Corvette components, including bearings, rotors, and calipers.  Pin drive wheels include some special components, but all wearing parts are standard.  Jig welded tubular upper and lower "A" frames for the front suspension follow the original design geometry very closely.

Front view of front suspension

A real view of the front suspension.  The control arms duplicate the original GT40's in form and function, although some changes have been made to accommodate more conventional ball joints and bearings.

 Brake components are compatible with GM hardware (late model Corvette), although special 11.5" rotors are supplied when the optional 15" pin-drive wheels are specified.  Larger rotors can be used with larger wheels.

Rear view of front suspension

All (DOT approved) hard and soft brake lines are installed on the standard kit.

Coil-over dampers from Spax, Koni and other sources are optional, front and rear sway bars are also available.  We can assemble the suspension on your chassis to make a ?roller? if you wish.

Reproductions of the original Pin-drive wheels are optional, and include billet hubs.  The layout and geometry of the front suspension duplicates the original car, but uses common ball joints and tie-rods, and bearings.