ERA GT Rear Suspension

The E.R.A. rear suspension closely duplicates the original components and layout.  We have custom aluminum hub carriers cast and machined, and we fabricate steel control arms that are nearly perfect duplicates of the original car's components.

All pivot bearings are either nylon-lined rod ends or spherical bearings.  

The suspension geometry is changed slightly from the original car to compensate for wider tires.  The anti-sway bar is optional.

Line drawing of rear suspension

Handling is predictable, precise - and quite extraordinary!  

A front view of the rear suspenstion. The brake calipers are from the late model Corvette, clamping the 11.75" x .810"T vented rotors.  The emergency brake is integral with the caliper.

All rod ends are nylon lined for silent running on the street, and the upper and lower trailing arms are mounted in urethane isolators at their front attachment points.


Front view of R.S.
Rear view of R.S.

Viewed from the back.