ERA GT Shift Linkage

E.R.A. offers both left and right hand drive cars - consequently two entirely different shift linkages are required.  Both closely duplicate the original race car (RHD) and the original street car (LHD) configurations.

The RHD linkage is the simpler of the two, having a more direct route to the right side of the gearbox.  

In the case of a LHD car, the linkage must be routed from the center tunnel around the oil pan and the engine mounts.  Never-the-less, the center shifter is quite precise, although some care must be taken when shifting.  The 5 speed ZF transaxle is spring loaded into the 3rd-4th plane, with a stronger spring preventing engagement of reverse. The LHD linkage also includes a reverse lockout, because of the extra swing weight of the linkage.

Both the left and right hand drive linkages are protected by a fully upholstered aluminum cover/armrest and a stitched leather boot.  Even the shift knob is a reproduction of the machined aluminum piece of the original race car.

Shift linkage