ERA sells kits, not complete cars, but our parent company (International Automobile) can assist you in your cars construction - all the way to a finished vehicle!  The car is custom built to your specifications.  There are also several experienced builders around the country who will do a good job.  Inquire.


  • Engine: The price of an engine to your specification will be determined at the time of the order. The basic Ford 289/302 engine generates between 250 and 350 BHP, a reasonable compromise between power, streetability and cost.  Standard or modified Ford Boss 302/351 engines up to 500 BHP are also available.
  • Standard paint: Single non-metallic, with no stripe, near show-quality
  • Wheels: Centerline bolt-on wheels (8.5"x15 front, 10"x15 rear) with our own cast aluminum look-alike Hubcaps and knockoffs
  • Suspension and brakes: All suspension and brake pieces are new. Included are custom front and rear anti-roll bars and Spax double adjustable dampers.
  • Exhaust system: Bundle-of-Snakes 180 degree exhaust, duplicating the original, with mufflers for street use.
  • Interior: Quality vinyl upholstery, nylon pile rugs and fully finished interior trim.
  • Transmission: 5 speed ZF transaxle, inspected and rebuilt if necessary, with modifications for inverse operation.
BASE VEHICLE PRICE: approximately $ 110,000

OPTIONS (for prices, see the kit options list)

  • Pin Drive wheels with Trigo "Halibrand" reproduction castings.
  • BRM style wheels also available in 16" and 17" diameters and widths up to 14"
  • "1075" Body option: Wider flares like the LeMans winner
  • Leather seats, emergency brake boot, etc.:
  • Smiths instruments replacing Stewart Warner
  • Air Conditioning/Heater. An integrated system that doesn't look added on:
  • Exhaust heat shielding and extra venting
  • Cibie Headlights (replace standard U.S. rectangular)
  • Special colors and stripe patterns
  • Other original MK1/MK3 interior variations are also available

QUESTIONS?  Please contact PETE at (860) 224-0253 9:00AM-5:00PM, Fax (860) 827-1055

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