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ERA supplies a Certificate of Origin (also known as an MSO) with the kit.  A title will be issued by the state in which you register the finished car, usually only after an inpection.

Without researching and writing an entire book on the subject, it is impossible to give up-to-date information on the process of inspection and registration in every state. You must call your state Department of Motor Vehicles or its equivalent to get local procedures and restrictions. Most states have a pamphlet outlining the requirements for composite cars.  About 20 state DMVs have their own web site where you might find information, too.  Cobra Trader also has some links and additional information.  You can also consult with current owners of our cars in your state.

Many states will want to install a new State Identification Plate (in addition to the E.R.A. ID plate).

Most states fall into 4 inspection categories:

  1. Inspections are done only by central or regional motor vehicle inspection stations.
  2. Inspections may be done by a local state inspection station. That is, a branch of the state Motor Vehicle Department.
  3. Inspections may be done by authorized (private) inspection stations.
  4. No direct inspection is necessary.


John's car with heat shieldsExhaust system: Some states require a heat shield over the 427SC side pipes, and the side pipes may be too noisy.  Call us.  

Some states will put a local identification plate on your car. On the 427SC and FIAs, have them put it on the firewall above the drivers footbox if possible.  On the ERA GT, the preferred position is inside the engine compartment, on the roll bar structure.

GT only: Some states don't like plastic headlight covers.  Leave them off.  If they also require safety glass for side windows, so they may also have to be left off..  We can get documentation that the coated Lexan windows are compliant, though.  Headlight height may also be a problem.  Fortunately, the car can be raised a couple of inches (adjustable spring heights, remember?) to comply.  Many times, it is easier to use one of the title services listed above rather than try and comply with current standards.


  • Check all your systems for proper function.
  • Don't go to an inspection station ignorant of the local requirements.
  • Don't expect special favors from motor vehicle inspectors, and treat them with respect. They are just doing their job. If you have a problem, ask the inspector how it might be fixed. They can be very helpful. If you have to return for a follow-up, try to get the same inspector.
  • Do have everything working, properly adjusted, neat and clean. The better your car looks, the easier it is to pass inspection.
  • Most states require thorough documentation of the origin of your parts. Be sure that you have bills of sale for your engine, transmission, wheels etc. You will get a Certificate of Origin for the kit from E.R.A. at the time of delivery.
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