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Body & Paint for ERA 427 and 289 FIA

427 Base price - $5600

FIA Base price - $5100

Both include: Smoothing body seams, aligning of doors, hood and trunk, rounding lips around dash and behind seats and blocking body.  The body is prepped with epoxy filler and primer, and baked three times at 140 degrees during the process to eliminate hidden voids and result in a very stable coating.
Tri-color paint or silver$1000
Red or black color$225
Dual stripe, Wimbleton White$575
Dual stripe, other colors$675
Dual stripe, Pearls or metalics$775
Dual stripe, tri-coat$1100
Round inner wheel well lips$225
Finish back side of trunk lid (instead of using ERA "fuzz"$410
Cut hole in hood and install hood scoop$175
Install fuel filler spash shield (FIA only)$75
4 Rondels without door splits$450
4 Rondels divided at door gap$550
Paint footboxes$200
Show finish (Call for details)$500
FIA only: Paint gas splash shield$75
Pickup and delivery charge$110
Some paint systems (Candies, pearls, custom mix, Chroma Illusion) will incur additional costs.

$1000 deposit required on start-up.
Price list subject to change.