All the outside body and inner panels are installed (with screws) onto the chassis - you know that they fit from the outset.  We will (optionally) permantly install all the panels onto a powder-coated chassis.

 The doors, hood and trunk lid are hinged and latched too, and the windshield is installed.

427 Parts List

The Kit, Ready to Pick Up

Basic kit ready for shipment

Each kit (289FIA is shown above)  is normally shipped on the same dolly wheels that we use to assemble it.  We require a small deposit for the setup, but it makes it much easier for the builder to move the partially completed kit around. You can keep the dolly wheels as long as you like, and your deposit is always fully refundable!  This is why E.R.A. kits get finished sooner and more often than just about any other!

All head and parking lights are installed.

Front FIA

Fresh air ducting, radiator and radiator shrouding and jackpads or bumperettes are factory installed.

The trunk lid is hinged and latched also.  This car has had the optional soft top fitted already and it's stowed in its own bag in the trunk.  Trunk carpetting is included too.
small grill
All the lights and fresh air grills are already fit.  
And the correct grommets and tubes for the bumpers or quick-jacks.
Fresh air is picked up at the front and is channelled through a fiberglass manifold into the hose.

front fresh air hose

At the right:  You can see the light-colored Coremat   on the inside (and top) of the fender.  It heat-insulates and prevents stones from chipping the painted outside surface.

fresh air

Then the hose is attached to the aluminum inner panel and passes through the a lined hole to the valve on the footbox.

Passenger'side footbox
We include a wiper motor mount and insulation on both footboxes.  We've taped the rubber hood bumper material to the hood opening so that you can see how the hood fits when you receive the kit.

Clutch master

The clutch master cylinder and linkage is there too, as is the fuel and brake and feed lines.  We also include the -4 line from the master to the slave (also included).

The aluminum firewall is installed also, complete with holes, clamps and hood latch brackets.

Brake, clutch and throttle pedals are installed, complete with pivoting aluminum faces.  The rear wiring harness is run too.
The throttle pedal and steering column support is integrated onto a single footbox reinforcement like the original car.  Linkage from there to the engine is also included.
The door is hinged and latched, and comes complete with the side curtain ferrules installed.  Note the nice fiberglass door hinge cover.
The dashboard with gages is pre-installed too, but you have to wire them up.  Not a big deal with our custom harness.  Some of the door upholstery and door opening trim is taped to the top of the tunnel.  This car has the optional emergency brake handle installed.
front fans
This car has the optional dual front fans in addition to the rear fan.  As you can see, the radiator and all the shrouding is fit (on every kit).
The radiator and fan is mounted and shrouded, and the brake lines are installed on every kit.
This car also is a roller, having the optional coil-overs, suspension arms and brakes mounted. 
Rear wheel well panelsTrunk latch
Trunk panels and latch hardware.

At the left: Splash panels in the rear wheel well.  This kit will have the fuel tank and trunk panels installed soon (before delivery).
The dashboard is installed, complete with vinyl covering, gages and switches.  A glovebox is optional on the SC dashboard.  The steering wheel and column are options.
Glovebox door

Studshood latch
Hood latch and prop system installed.

The top/tonneau studs are installed too.
roll bar
In Boxes:
Seats, front suspension, wiring, interior carpeting and door trim.

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