Visual Details

Because the original cars were hand formed aluminum over a wooden buck, the factory made many variations of the basic shape. Even bodies off the same buck varied slightly from car to car, and side to side!   We think the car that we duplicated is the best looking of the lot.

The car at the right has the optional dual front fans and 6" oil cooler.

Comp look

Fuel filler

Authentic exterior hardware is standard: The windshield is chrome plated brass, and actually designed to be a replacement for an original car. The fuel filler is polished aluminum, with a spring loaded latch system. There is a separate safety cap inside the outside cap's lid, preventing fuel spilling in case of rollover.

Of course, all the parts are already installed on the kit so that you don't have any drilling or hole cutting.

Original style mirrors, both fender and dash, are supplied with the kit. E.R.A. even drills the holes in the cowl and supplies the male Lift-a-Dot fasteners for the tonneau and soft top.

We supply (and install) all the connections to the tank, including vent and drain lines. There is even a water drain for the well in the body. The flange underneath the cap is aluminum.  No corrosion!

Our standard roll bar is visually just like the original, exposed the behind the seats.It's mounted directly to the main chassis rails and fully functional. Our optional oil cooler is mounted in the front aluminum radiator shrouding.  Also included in the oil cooler kit are all the hoses with "aeroquip" style (blue or clear) anodized aluminum fittings, and the block adapter.  We also offer the remote oil filter to go with the system, as used by the 427SC race cars. The interior is complete with carpeting, door trim and seats, all visually correct. Leather seats and trim are optional. Black is standard, other colors are available on special order. Even the spacious trunk can be (optionally) carpeted.

Our street package includes a grill splitter, chromed steel overriders front and rear, and different parking lights.  The splitter doesn't seem to effect cooling one way or the other. The fresh air grills and original style grommets for the aluminum bumper tubes are not only included, they are installed!

Also shown at the right is the optional surround.

Front close view of red car

Inside view of door E.R.A. offers a steering wheel  (15" instead of the original 16") and upper column that are visually identical to the original, complete with the proper center cap.The doors are fully upholstered and have a storage pocket like the original car did, in the same material as the seats  - Vinyl or leather. . Our hinges are extra heavy duty and have a replica of the original fiberglass hinge cover.  The door handles and latch mechanisms are reproductions of the originals. We even include the stainless steel side curtain and top frame receptacles. Also included are all gaskets and the aluminum door moldings, as original.
You can also see the shift lever in its classic leaned-forward position.  This looks awkward but feels just fine when you're driving. The handbrake lever is just visible on the right side of the tunnel.  A Jaguar one fits on the standard chassis bracket, but E.R.A. makes a perfect visual reproduction of the original, if you want


The standard quick jackpads are powdercoated, with chrome optional.  

Stewart Warner instruments are standard. Smiths instruments are optional.  

Rectangular tail lights
The rectangular tail lights abovet are standard, with the round lights at the right as an option.   Both styles were used on the original 427 roadsters.

 The rectangular type were used on the competition cars - roughly the first 120 cars.  The round ones were put on the later street cars, most of which had the 428 engine, not the 427.

Round tail lights

The front parking lights were also different between the early and late cars.  "Twist-off" lenses were used with the rectangular tail-lights.  (See the picture at the top of this page.).  

The later lenses were held on with two screws, similar in design to the rear lights, except with an amber lens. When you choose which rear light you prefer, we will also change to the appropriate front one.
The engine compartment firewall is aluminum, with the holes for the firewall components pre-punched. The fuse boxes, relays and wiring harness are included.

We also offer both the street and competition dashboard layouts.