The stock Jaguar XJ inner axle must be shortened to XKE Series I/II length. Alternately, you may build the axle from scratch. Specifications are available from us. Complete assemblies and parts are available from E.R.A.

Remove the hub carrier from the axle/control arm as described here.

To visually the assembly process, there is a useful YouTube video here.
Clean and deburr the axle splines.

Assemble the stub and inner axle together, replacing the universal joints with genuine Spicer units (5-160X).


  • Clean the hub carrier casting of any machining debris, especially on the inside.
  • Press the inner and outer bearing races and outer seal only into the carrier.
  • Install the seal race and the outer bearing onto the hub. Make sure that both are completely seated.
  • Install the seal race onto the stub axle.


When the hub carrier is assembled, the end float of the axle/bearing assembly should be .002" preload to .002" float. Aim for zero. You can change the end float with the correct size of spacer from Jaguar, SICP, Concours West, or E.R.A.

Technique One

  • Insert the hub with outer bearing into the hub carrier.
  • Moderately press the outer bearing onto the small end of the hub so that the bearing seats into the bearing cup. Check that there is no axial play of the hub, but it still rotates freely.
  • Measure the distance from the hub end to the bearing surface with an accurate dial indicator.
  • Find the next size larger spacer in the chart.
  • Assemble the spacer onto the stub axle, install the axle assembly into the hub, lining up the cotter pin holes in each. Install a flat washer and nut. Tighten the nut to 140 lb-ft.
  • Check the end play with a dial indicator. If it is correct, back off the nut to the near hole and install the cotter pin.

Available shims:
Jag part # Thickness
CAC3818/10 0.110"
CAC3818/12 0.112"
CAC3818/14 0.114"
CAC3818/16 0.116"
CAC3818/18 0.118"
CAC3818/20 0.120"
CAC3818/22 0.122"
CAC3818/24 0.124"
CAC3818/26 0.126"
CAC3818/28 0.128"
CAC3818/30 0.130"
CAC3818/32 0.132"
CAC3818/34 0.134"
CAC3818/36 0.136"
CAC3818/38 0.138"

Technique Two

  • Hold the hub carrier vertically in a vise with the inner end of the hub uppermost. Place the special collar tool (Jag tool No. J15) on the hub end. Place the inner bearing inner race on the hub and press the race onto the hub until the inner face is flush with the special collar. This will provide end flat bearings. The end float should then be measured with a dial test indicator. A spacer should then be fitted in place of the Special collar to give end float of zero to 0.004". Spacers are supplied in the thicknesses shown below.
  • For example, assume the end float measured to be .025". Subtract the nominal end float of .002" from the measured end float giving .023". Since the Special Collar is .150" thick, the thickness of the spacer to be fitted will be 0.150"- 0.023" i.e. .127". The nearest spacers are 0.126" or 0.128". For competition, use the spacer yielding more end float.
  • The inner oil seal should now be fitted.
  • When the axle shaft has been fitted and nut tightened (140 lb.ft.), check the end float with a dial indicator. If it is correct, back off the nut to the near hole and install the cotter pin.
  • Pack the inner and outer bearings with good wheel bearing grease. Also fill (about half-way) the cavity in the hub carrier.
  • Install both the seals into the hub carrier.
  • Re-assemble the hub carrier with hub and axle.
  • Install the washer and retaining nut. Tighten the nut to 225 lbft. Without an air wrench, you may want to wait until the car is on the ground for final torqueing.

Setting up the Jaguar lower pivot shaft