Comp Dashboard

The original race car had extra large small Stewart-Warner gages - 2 5/8" cases, and a 90 degree Sun Tachometer.

We are working on duplicating the tachometer case and face now.  When it is available, it will be an option to replace the standard Stewart-Warner unit.  

A 160 MPH S-W tachometer is mounted in front of the passenger - just the thing for a panic-stricken passenger to look at!.  We have also located all the original aircraft-style toggle switches

Comp dash

OK - this is something only an obsessive-compulsive would notice, but it's an indication of just how far we are willing to go to give you the best!  The original car used a Lucas ignition switch with a bezel with slots like the one at the left.  Unfortunately, we've found that the Lucas switch had marginal current capacity, so we use an American made (Delco) unit.  But the Delco bezel was hexagonal.  So now, we have a stainless steel bezel made that fits the Delco switch, but with slots like the the Lucas.  The original look - only better.

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