Some details of "The Look"
The original FIA race cars were hand formed at the AC factory in England before being shipped to the US for the engine installation, and ultimately, competition.  Unfortunately, as happens in racing, all but one of the original cars were damaged enough to be re-bodied at one time or another.

To make our original prototype buck  (a perfect body to take a mold from), we first bought a buck that was used to make replacement bodies for the race cars.  Unfortunately, we found that the shape just didn't match up to the pictures we had of the original cars.  Finally, in desparation, we flew to Arizona, where the only un-rebodied FIA had a home.  Phil Gaudette, our President, spent two days going over that original car with camera, tape measure and template to utterly define the PERFECT 289FIA SHAPE.

Front corner
For those who need more protection, we also offer the full complement of street equipment, including bumpers, grill and grill guard.  This car also has wire wheels and smooth hood.  Even the oil cooler scoop can be deleted.

You can choose to have the chrome plated street bumpers (at right) or use the quick jackpads that the original Cobras raced with.  Stewart Warner instruments are standard. Smiths instruments (which were only used on the British 289s) are optional.  

Front and rear bumper hoops are optional. If you are going to drive your car daily, the extra protection is useful.  

Street bumpers
Hood inner panel constructionLook at the details: Correct flares, both front and rear. Doors with concave rear edges. Forward-braced roll bar. Trunk lid with bumps for the FIA suitcase (or a smooth lid, for the street look), and a authentic aluminum trunk laid out as original. Our windshield (in chrome-plated brass - it will exactly replace an original) can be laid back 6 degrees or mounted in a more upright (street) angle.  And many, many more details that only an expert would notice.

Our inner hood and trunk inner panels are fully finished, with all the correct hardware.  Even the hood prop (seen at the left) is detailed like few others would attempt.

Our engine bay has aluminum wheel houses and brushed aluminum firewall, with fiberglass footboxes, as original. The pedestal that carried the original transverse leaf and expansion tank is there too. Our trunk duplicates the original configuration, with aluminum panels for everything except for the spare tire well.

Original-style rectangular tail-lights, license plate light and jackpads are standard.  

The license bracket and bungy hold-down system are optional.
Tail lights

The throttle box, wiper mount and cowl reinforcing tubes are details that would normally be included only in a kit that costs twice as much.

Authentic exterior hardware is standard. The windshield is chrome plated brass, and is mounted so that it can be adjusted to either the stock street angle or the flattened installation of the race cars.  The door handles and latch mechanisms are reproductions of the originals. We even include the stainless steel side curtain and top frame receptacles. With the street option, door and trunk gaskets and aluminum door moldings are included.

The fuel filler is polished aluminum, with a spring loaded latch system. Even the proper exterior side mirrors are included.

Original style 3 5/8" and 2 5/8" Stewart Warner instruments are standard. All but the tachometer are exactly as used in the original race car. We are working on a reproduction of the original 90 degree sweep Sun tachometer.

The standard (Competition style) aluminum dashboard has no glovebox and the speedometer is in front of the passenger. If you wish, we can shift the speedometer and add the glovebox to the configuration immediately below. Since the basic kit is a duplicate of a race car, the doors have no upholstery. Thinly upholstered (vinyl) racing bucket seats hold you firmly but comfortably. All the original aluminum interior panels and tunnel are exposed. comp dash
With our Street Interior, the doors are upholstered and have a storage pocket like the original 289 street car. Duplicates of the street 289 seats are covered in black vinyl as standard, leather and other colors are available on special order.   Small standard dashboard
A dropped-center dashboard, with clock, is also available at extra cost. Small dropped dash

Right foot box/fresh airE.R.A. is unique in offering as standard ducted fresh air to the footboxes. All the necessary ducting, valves and controls are included. E.R.A. even drills the holes in the cowl and supplies the male Lift-a-Dot fasteners for the tonneau and soft top.

The engine compartment has holes for all the components pre-punched. All the aluminum is covered in protective plastic film to prevent marking during the kit-building process. The fuse boxes, relays and wiring harness are included with the wiring harness.

Our standard roll bar is visually just like the original, with a forward brace to the floor.  It's sturdily mounted to the main chassis rails and fully functional.  

For a street driven car, you can choose the optional front and rear over-riders. Optional bumper hoops offer even more protection.

Fuel filler capAuthentic exterior hardware is standard. The windshield is chrome plated brass. The fuel filler is polished aluminum, with a spring loaded latch system.  We supply all the connections to the tank, including vent and drain lines.  Of course, all the parts are already installed on the kit, complete with custom gasket seal between the cap and body.  No drilling or hole cutting is necessary.
MirrorsOriginal style mirrors, both fender and dash, are supplied with the kit, appropriate to whether you are getting a standard competition (at right) or street model.

Windshield mirror

We also offer windshield-mounted left
and right rear view mirrors. 

E.R.A. even drills the holes in the cowl and supplies the male Lift-a-Dot fasteners for the tonneau and soft top.

Our optional oil cooler is mounted with special aluminum shrouding.  Also included in the oil cooler kit are all the hoses with "aeroquip" style anodized aluminum fittings ,and the block adapter.

The engine compartment firewall is brushed aluminum, with the holes for the firewall components pre-punched. The fuse boxes, relays and wiring harness are included.

E.R.A. offers a steering wheel  (15" instead of the original 16") and upper column that are visually identical to the original, complete with the proper center cap.

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