This street-style 289FIA had a dash that is a duplicate of the 427 street dash with glovebox. 

The street interior package also includes the rectangular interior mirror, external round mirror, sunvisors, windwings, and special toggle switches.  The car had right has a special tan interior and dashboard covering. 

We use the same seats as our 427SC, which happen to duplicate the original street 289's.

Street dashboard
We have also developed a duplicate of the early 289 dashboard, complete with clock.  This unit uses Smiths gages, but Stewart-Warner will be available too - as well as being more original in the US-spec Shelby cars. Dropped dash

OK - this is something only an obsessive-compulsive would notice, but it's an indication of just how far we are willing to go to give you the best!  The original car used a Lucas ignition switch with a bezel with slots like the one at the left.  Unfortunately, we've found that the Lucas switch had marginal current capacity, so we use an American made (Delco) unit.  But the Delco bezel was hexagonal.  So now, we have a stainless steel bezel made that fits the Delco switch, but with slots like the the Lucas.  The original look - only better.
The interior is fully carpetted in deep nylon pile or optional wool, and each door gets a storage pocket.  Quality naugahyde is standard material on the seats and door pockets, leather is optional. 

Our hinges are extra heavy duty and have a replica of the original fiberglass hinge cover

The door handles and latch mechanisms are reproductions of the originals. We even include the stainless steel side curtain and top frame receptacles. Also included are all gaskets and the aluminum door moldings, as original.

FIA street interior

Our optional seat belts and shoulder harnesses are custom made for ERA. without a brand label just like the original car.  All of the seat belt and shoulder harness mounts are built into the chassis.  You just cut holes in the rug and bolt them in.  The forward facing roll bar brace doesn't interfere with the passenger's comfort at all.  If you have any doubts, try sitting in the seat of an ERA 289FIA.

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