Street Car

This car is a visual duplicate of a British street 289 officially manufactured by AC, as opposed to Shelby.  It retained the flares and doors of the 289FIA 
Side view
3/4 Front viewA smooth hood and all the proper badges complete the look.

ERA has meticulously reproduced the grill (optional) from 24 separate pieces of formed aluminum sheet.  And a grill guard is available too.

Factoid!  The grill originated in the AC Greyhound, but was "upside down" from the 289 roadster.

Front view of grill
Rear view

This car has an undercar exhaust system and genuine British wire wheels with an "AC" logo in the wing nuts.

Currently our preference is to use Dayton wheels in their stead - stronger and still visually very good.

This car is also fitted with Smiths instruments in a dropped-center dash complete with clock.  This combination was used in a British AC street-version of the racing FIA, as illustrated in the Rinsey Mills book  Only a few were produced.  

Seats are the same buckets used in the street 289 and 427SC.

The handbrake lever is just visible in front of the lever.  A Jaguar one fits on the chassis bracket, but E.R.A. makes a replacement that's a perfect visual reproduction of the original.  The handbrake acts on the inboard or (optional) outboard rotors.  Unlike some aftermarket setups, our emergency brake setups actually work!

Dropped dashboard
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